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We use a team approach to meet your corporate acquisition needs. Our team of professionals have over 100 years of combined experiences in banking, commercial real estate, manufacturing, distribution, technology hardware and software development and private mergers and acquisitions.

Acquisition Searches

The following are brief descriptions of Acquisition Searches that we are currently executing for our clients. 

Precision Carbide Cutting Tools: A private equity group has retained MRA to facilitate acquisitions for its portfolio company, a manufacturer of round carbide cutting tools.  Looking for a partnership with companies producing precision, high- performance, round carbide cutting tools, preferrably having cutting solutions for more exotic metals like inconel, titanium and stainless.  Ideal revenue would be anywhere between $10M - 50M and EBITDA ranges of $1M - 10M.   
Contact: Tim

Manufacturing Platform
Mad River Associates has been hired by a holding company to conduct a search for a privately-held manufacturing business ideally in the Mid-Atlantic area. Our client seeks a majority share with full or partial liquidity for the owner. The ideal acquisition will have a range of $15M - 100M in annual revenue, strong operating history and proven ongoing cash flow generation.
Contact: Hank or

Medical Practice Management & Electronic Health Record Software

MRA has been retained by a strategic company to facilitate mergers or acquisitions in the Health Care IT industry.  The client is looking to partner with or acquire US based SaaS businesses specializing in Physician Practice Solutions for ambulatory facilities. 

Contact: Hank or Lynn

Wealth Management
Mad River Associates is conducting a strategic add-on search in the wealth management sector. The ideal candidates are firms providing financial planning services in the New England area, who are looking for an exit plan.  Ideal range of assets under management is between $50M and $250M.
Contact: Bob or Shaina

Portable Toilet Rental Company
A private equity backed strategic acquirer has hired Mad River to pursue a roll-up and geographic expansion strategy in the site services industry.  Ideal candidates will rent portable toilets used by construction and entertainment venue customers. Our search is focused on the south to mid-western region of the country.

Stamping Company
MRA has been retained by a strategic buyer to help them make acquisitions for geographic expansion in New England and the Mid-Atlantic areas.  The client is a precision metal stamping company specializing in brass and copper. It was founded in 1988 and is a 80,000 square foot manufacturing and tooling facility offering the most experienced teams of professional personnel with the latest in tool, computer and metal stamping technology. Their specialty is progressive stampings for the automotive, industrial and medical industry. The ideal company would have revenues in the $5M - $20M range.
Contact: Tim

Thermoforming & Precision Die-Cutting
A leading specialty manufacturing company with expertise in engineering solutions in an array of materials, such as technical foams, films, thermoset composites and natural fibers, has retained Mad River Associates to facilitate mergers or acquisitions of complementary businesses for integration.  Ideal candidates will design and manufacture products servicing primarily the medical industry but will consider production for aerospace and defense, industrial and/or consumer industries.
Contact: Bob

Specialty Chemical Manufacturer
MRA has been retained by a private equity group to find suitable add-ons for their existing portfolio of chemical manufacturing businesses.  Their companies manufacture catalog and custom chemical materials for medical and industrial markets. The ideal fit will be a manufacturer of labeled organic compounds, specialty monomers & polymers, silane, organisilane and silicone.  Complementary capabilities of particular interest are fluorination, haligenization, pressure manufacturing and other specialty tool sets.

Marine Services
MRA has been retained by a private equity backed strategic acquirer to source deal flow in the underwater marine service sector.  The ideal acquisitions are diving companies providing underwater engineering & inspection work, ship repair & husbandry in ports domestic and global.  Businesses with EBITDA margins of 10%-20% are desired.

Contact: Bob

Dental Practices

MRA has been retained by a strategic buyer to source multi-doctor dental practices in the Mid-West.  Ideally clinics with a minimum of 1250 active patients and revenues of at least $650K are preferred.

Contact: Tim

Home Health Services
A private equity backed strategic buyer has retained MRA to conduct a search for pharmacies specializing in compounding and home infusions in the Eastern US.  Home care services with a technical edge are highly desired.
Contact: Hank or

MRA provides a carefully developed process to source and qualify proprietary deal flow for our clients.  Our research team concentrates on finding companies in the $10M to $100M range that technically are "not for sale". 

Our private equity partners not only benefit from our exceptional response rate but also are regularly presented with opportunities that our other partners pass on.
Please let us know if you are currently looking for any investment opportunities.